Agra Gharana

Ustad Kadim Usain Khan Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sabh

Vrinda has been exposed to the music of this gharana since her childhood as her mother Smt. Aruna Rao was trained in the Agra style. Later Vrinda was groomed both by Pt. Batuk Dewanji and Pt. Babanrao Haldankar who unravelled the scientific principles which form the basis of this Gharana.

Agra gharana is one of the most ancient styles prevalent today. It offers an indepth study of the beauties and aesthetics of Raga depiction. The age old values of this gharana are brought forth through the Vilambit (slow exposition of the Raga through the traditional text). Here, a varied delineation of the Raga takes place through Nom-Tom alaap, Bol alaap, Layakari, Bol taan and Taan. Agra gharana is known for its emphasis on swara projection through the lyrics and the Laya. A beautiful and perfect balance is created between the tonal intonation, the enunciation of the wording and the expression of Taal or Rhythm. Agra Gharana is known for its compactness of bandish (text), the wealth of rare and popular Ragas and the abundance of prolific composers through its long history.