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"A clear voice, attuned to a high degree of modulation marked her khayal as well as a light classical composition. The great variety of her ideas and intuitions were beautifully reflected in both the numbers."
 - Mohan Nadkarni in "The Times Of India" Bombay, in Jan. 1986.

"One was enthralled by her elaboration of Drut patterns in all the major events. It was obvious that the artiste had taken care to practice different and difficult tan patterns weaving them well in the frame. Her sawan with its rhythmic beauty had a captivating lilt."
P.G Burde in " The Times Of India", Bombay dated Sept.4, 1988.

"Her sense of involvement in music enables her to strike a rapport with the audience. The vocalist has been able to link the two idioms into coherence with a degree of success. Both the light classical pieces were marked by an elegance of diction." Amarendra  – Nandu Dhaneshwar in "The Independent", Bombay dated Aug.31,1998

"Vrinda Mundkur is another name in the galaxy of young women singers who are transmitting the methodics of their taalim with a sense of commitment to the concrete and clear values in music. Vrinda has a clear ringing voice." Roshan Shahani in "
 - The Sunday Observer", Bombay dated July 19,1992