Vrinda Mundkur's music reflects all that is beautiful and sublime. She performs the styles of Khayal, Thumri, Dadra, Tarana and Bhajan with ease and dexterity. She brings out the true mood and essence of the Raga with her rich and resonant voice. Her keen aesthetic sense coupled with a mellifluous voice and a charming stage presence creates an instant rapport and impact on appreciative audiences. It is an enriching and elevating experience to hear her unfold the Raga effortlessly and improvise on it with accurate swara projection, a clear ringing voice and a good command over Tala and Laya. Vrinda has gained recognition as a gifted vocalist by critics and connoisseurs alike.

Vrinda Mundkur hails from a family with a deep rooted interest and pursuit of art. Vrinda has been initiated into Hindustani Music by her mother Smt Aruna Rao, herself an artist par excellence in the field of music, painting and literature. Vrinda has the benefit of her mother's valuable guidance and inspiration till this day.

From childhood Vrinda had a flair for the creative arts. Along with music she pursued Bharata Natyam, a classical dance form for eight years under the rigorous training of Acharya Parvati Kumar, a renowned Guru. However, later Vrinda devoted herself to the pursuit of Hindustani Classical music which became her major field of interest and expression. This was a turning point in her career.