Smt. Aruna Rao

Smt Aruna Rao , Vrinda's mother is a vocalist in her own right, having learnt the Agra style of Khayal gayaki for 12 years from the Late Mohan Chikermane, the seniormost disciple of Ustad Khadim Hussein Khan of the Agra-Atrauli gayaki. Smt. Aruna has groomed Vrinda and given her a deep insight into the subtleties and aesthetics of Raga presentation and voice production.

Vrinda has had the benefit of her mother's vision and broad outlook in music which emanates from her experience and knowledge in literature and painting. She has written several poems, short stories and theatrical presentations for adults and especially for children in Marathi and her mother tongue Konkani. Aruna has also composed numerous Khayal bandishes and set tunes to Bhajans which Vrinda often presents in her concerts.