Lecture Demonstrations:

  • She has given lecture demonstrations at the Ananthacharya Indological Society of India, Mumbai, and at the Institute of Ancient Art at the Somaiya College on various aspects of Hindustani Classical Music such as its history, evolution, aesthetics and its relation to the regional folk music of India.
  • She has given lecture-demonstrations at the Indian Music Society, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, especially on the theme of Malhar – rain songs- seasonal ragas in Hindustani Classical Music.
  • Besides her CD titled Devi Stuti in Raga Sangeet, she also has two CDs to her credit, released by The Musician's Guild, Mumbai and which contain a recording of a captivating live concert of Ragas...Raga Shree- a serene and sensitive experience Raga Shahana Kanada- an elevating mood Raga Purva, Raga Deepak Kedar and Raga Khem Kalyan (rare ragas of the Agra Gharana).
  • Vrinda is closely associated with and has been instrumental in popularising and uplifting the activities of the Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts, Mumbai which is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the ancient traditions of the Agra-Atrauli, Khurja, Hapur and Sikandra gharanas.

Her lecture demonstration organized by the Kanara Saraswat Association titled “Demystification of Music & Identification of Ragas” was highly enlightening and very well received by the audience.

In another highly appreciated workshop called “Swar Sandhya” held for the Larsen & Toubro corporate group for the benefit of their employees, Vrinda highlighted the role of music in contributing to a better understanding of the Self and Mind thereby improving Creativity and Self-expression in the workplace. She took her audience through a journey of morning to midnight ragas to facilitate self-expression and exploration of one’s creativity through media such as music.